cars broker program

Cars broker program is one of the programs work from home, and profit from the Internet, it creates a cars gallery to your on the Internet

When you participate in the cars broker program the website will offer the service to the advertiser is that the attribution of the car to you and task of selling the car and to respond to comments of visitors and receive calls as opposed to the price you choosen

When the advertiser select add the car to a broker will have members involved in the service in him region and will have information about each member (such as name, number of his cars, the last appearance on the site ...)

When the advertiser assign a car to you , the website will tell you this and you will have all the permissions on this car and it will appear to visitors that you are the owner and the website will tell you about visitors comments on this car, you can also refused to assign and return it to the owner

The website is not responsible for the commission of your service is only displays it on the advertiser and you are in communion with the advertiser to preview the car and agreed with him on the method of payment of commission

The website is not beneficiary of this service, whether from the advertiser or the broker and provide it for free

Just ask you to pray
We wish everyone success

Let you with a video explaining the method of participation in this program